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Dunmore: 570-343-0400
Dickson City: 570-383-2222

Have you been in a car accident?

Don’t think the pain and suffering will just go away. Many times after a car accident, pains get worse, not better, or new pain pops up. Get checked right away to prevent this from happening to you before your insurance company decides to stop paying for your health problems that could affect your health and cause you pain for a long time.  

If you live in the Scranton area, Call Czulada Chiropractic today for a FREE evaluation at (570) 343-0400. Chiropractic care helps restore nervous system function, helps heal sore muscles and damaged ligaments, and ensures rapid and complete recovery after an accident.  Chiropractic treatment is generally covered in full by automobile insurance policies, whether you are a driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian; and regardless of who is at fault. Either our Dunmore or Dickson City offices will file your claim and assist you in dealing with insurance paperwork.  

Anyone who has been in a traumatic automobile accident should have a chiropractic examination. Find out if a car accident caused damage in your spine that you can’t see and that may cause future aches, pains, discomfort, arthritis or many other conditions.  

Insurance companies realize the many advantages of chiropractic care. All auto insurance policies cover chiropractic care with no out-of-pocket expense to you at all. We will evaluate you for free and let you know if there is anything that can be done to give you relief. 

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