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Dunmore: 570-343-0400
Dickson City: 570-383-2222

Our Care is Not Only Effective, But Very Affordable.

It is our policy to deliver the highest quality care at an affordable fee. We will gladly find out what
type of insurance coverage you have under your policy. Chiropractic can be very affordable too.

The Doctor participates in Medicare, Geisinger, Blue Shield, First Priority, Aetna, Cigna, Geisinger Family Plan and many others. Most automobile and work injuries will cover Chiropractic at 100%. We fill out the insurance forms, bill electronically and then wait for payment.

We’ve Got You Covered!

We’ve Got You Covered! Many insurance plans have excellent Chiropractic benefits. All of our doctors participate in and accept the following insurance plans:  

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Geisinger - HMO, PPO, ASH, Family 
First Priority Life & HMO
Novitas Medicare
Highmark Plans
Federal Employee Plans
Auto Accident Injury Care
Out of State Blue Plans
Union Plans
United Health Care 
Aetna & CIGNA 
Union Plans
Workers’ Compensation 
Slip & Fall Injuries
Geisinger Gold
And Many More!....

We Even Take the Pain Out of Payment!

Wellness for you is our top priority. For your convenience, our Northeast PA chiropractic offices participate in HMOs and provider networks. We even take this a step further on your behalf and process the health insurance claims for you! Also, we accept auto accident and workers’ compensation cases. 

To find out if your insurance covers Chiropractic Care in the, call our office at 383- 2222, and speak to a billing specialist who is extremely helpful in these matters. For patients who have little or no Chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged through our helpful office staff. We also accept credit card payments. 

Following are the insurance programs and healthcare networks that we presently accept. If your plan is not listed, please call us at 343-0400 or 383-2222. We accept:  Highmark, Federal Blue,  FPLIC, FPH,  Out of State Blue Plans, Workers Compensation  Geisinger,  Aetna,  Novitas Medicare & supplements, Geisinger, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare,  Union Plans … and many many more!

New Health Plan Before Congress May Result in Full Scope Chiropractic Coverage for Everyone!

New Health Plan Before Congress May Result in Full Scope Chiropractic Coverage for Everyone!  The new adminstration is proposing many changes, including universal health care for all Americans. A new public plan based on benefits available to members of Congress would allow individuals and small businesses to buy affordable health coverage. 

Healthcare Continued...

If approved, the new public plan will offer benefits similar to what every federal employee and member of Congress gets. Many of Czulada Chiropractic’s patients work at Tobyhanna Army Depot,
northeast Pennsylvania’s largest employer, and already understand the postive impact of having Chiropractic coverage as part of their health plan. It’s a tremendous benefit to have access to a Chiropractic, says one Tobyhanna Depot employee whose spinal adjustments and treatments are covered by her Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan. 

If the new health plan regulations pass,  Chiropractic Care may be mandated for all health plans.  This benefit may soon become available to all Americans.

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